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Hands-On Sailing Adventure

Fun (and educational) for kids!

Quick Details

Person Children must be accompanied by an adult.
Child Ages 3 and under

Fun Sailing Adventure in Norfolk for Kids!

Get on board for a fun and educational experience for the whole family. On board our red-sailed schooner, you have a chance to set the sails, steer the ship, and see all the tools the captain uses to navigate. There is also a knot-tying station, and below deck, you can learn about the history of ships and sailing.

As we cruise the smooth waters of the Elizabeth River and Hampton Roads Harbor, we see many sights and points of interest including ship yards, cargo terminals, the Battleship Wisconsin, Old Fort Norfolk, and much more. On the waters of our bustling harbor, we also see navy ships, tug boats, and private yachts.

This is a great adventure for families, kids, and anyone who is interesting in learning more about sailing. Don’t miss it!